What’s trending in superyacht technology?

Despite the omnipresence of today’s smartphones and gadgets, yachts have struggled to keep up with tech developments onshore. But that’s changing – and fast, as Risa Merl discovers the latest technology trends in the world of superyacht design.

When it comes to technology, we’ve never had it so good. From an ever-increasing range of gadgets and gizmos to the latest advances in connectivity, there’s more choice, and more exciting developments on the horizon than ever before – and that goes for the superyacht world, too. Owners want the same services – if not better – that they can access on land, and a handful of specialist firms are doing their best to meet consumer-driven demand on board. Yet, whether owners appreciate it or not, yachts have their own challenges when it comes to keeping up with tech’s constant progress. The middle of the ocean is one of the hardest – and most expensive – places to ensure fast and reliable broadband. And the three-year build time of a custom yacht is a challenge for suppliers and designers who need to think ahead and include the latest tech by the time the yacht is launched. Nonetheless, tech companies are rising to the challenge with an abundance of products to enhance onboard entertainment and security.

“Yacht guests want the same experience they have at home, so rock-solid and secure Wi-Fi is the first priority,” explains Videoworks CTO Maurizio Minossi, “and bigger internet pipes will be available within the next two years in order to allow 5G and new-generation VSAT [very small aperture terminal – a compact, two-way satellite antenna].” Super-fast connectivity is leading the charge, then, but there are plenty more developments in the pipeline too…