The RSY 40m Explorer, a brand-new superyacht concept, is unveiled by Rosetti Superyachts

The award-winning 37.83-meter explorer boat Emocean is the foundation for Rosetti Superyachts’ brand-new 40-meter superyacht idea, the RSY 40m EXP.

Engineer Sergio Cutolo, Owner of the Italian-based design company Hydro Tec, who worked on Emocean’s styling, said, “The 40m EXP has allowed us to reinterpret and develop ‘Emocean’ by adding features and solutions that were not possible to incorporate on the 38m.”

The 40m EXP is a superyacht made of steel and aluminum with similar exploring capabilities to Emocean. A number of hydrodynamic and design elements shown to be successful on Emocean are also present in the RSY 40m EXP, including an ideal bow section and a long, flat, and comparatively dry stern.

The RSY 40m EXP covers four decks, and Hydro Tec worked to ensure that there is plenty of room for socializing and for privacy while also achieving a great synergy between the interior and outside spaces. The 40m EXP is flooded with natural light thanks to the large windows that can be found on every level.

The 40m EXP’s interior areas were curated by Luxury Living Group, a renowned design and distribution company. The brand is well-known throughout the world, and its extensive portfolio is filled with numerous internal brands. Luxury Living Group chose a “décor of extraordinary elegance” for the 40m EXP.

According to Andrea Gioria, Sales and Marketing Director of RSY, “The collaboration with Luxury Living Group stems from our desire to present a project like the 40m EXP in a different way, which is why we are already proposing an elegant and modern furnishing solution developed with a company that has made luxury and custom-designed furniture its trademark.”

The owner’s suite, which has a private balcony, and the classic Kingston armchair by Bentley Home are two of the superyacht’s interior highlights. The bridge deck saloon has been decorated by Luxury Living Group with D&G couches to go with the Mediterranean blue concept. When visitors enter the bridge deck’s exterior areas, they are greeted by a selection of distinctive furniture from Versace Home’s Stiletto brand.

According to Gioria, “The 40m EXP allows us the opportunity to investigate several aspects already hinted at in the 38m EXP and to present them in multiple solutions on the interiors, with customizable suggestions that can obviously be modified to the client’s demands.”

It is a joy to work with a shipyard as young and full of potential as Rosetti Superyachts, which this year in London and Cannes got several significant acknowledgment awards from the nautical industry. For some of the most significant international brands, Luxury Living Group is a pioneer in the design, production, and marketing of luxury furniture “CEO of Luxury Living Group Andrea Gentilini remarked.

“In terms of product quality and degree of customization, we are in line with the requirements of a luxury market like yachting, Gentilini said.

The 40m EXP is anticipated to have a 5,000 nautical mile range when traveling at 10 knots, in keeping with her adventurous persona.