The 106m Amadea was apprehended in Fiji, according to the latest information on Russian boats confiscated.

Russian-owned superyachts are being confiscated as they sit in the waterways of nations that have imposed sanctions on Russian firms and billionaires, according to international broadcasters and social media. While these claims have been widely shared, the sources for some of these stories are unclear. We will continue to update this post when more boats are sanctioned.

(Updated at 13:25 UTC on 04/05/2022) Amadea has been detained in Fiji (confirmed)

According to Bloomberg, Fiji’s High Court has finally approved the arrest of Amadea, whose ownership has apparently been in doubt. According to reports, the owners’ representatives are demanding a stay of the Suva High Court’s judgement, which allowed the yacht to be seized owing to penalties imposed by US authorities against the owner.

“We have slapped sanctions on Russian billionaires who are supporting Putin’s conflict,” the US Embassy in Fiji said in a statement. “We will continue to act with our friends and partners throughout the globe in putting consequences on the Kremlin if it continues its war of choice.” We’re keeping the pressure on Putin’s oligarchs up, and we’re collaborating with friends and partners to pursue corrupt gains from some of Putin’s closest associates, no matter where they are kept.”

(Updated at 16:30 UTC on 14-04-2022)
The 106.1-meter Lürssen superyacht Amadea has been detained in Fiji, according to the Sydney division of Reuters. The vessel’s ownership has been questioned. The owner of the yacht has been named on sanctions lists in the UK, US, and Europe, according to Fijian publications, however this has not been confirmed.

According to the report, the US embassy was aware that the Amadea was moored in Fiji and was working with Fijian officials to resolve the situation.