The First Breedendam MTB Sixzero is Sold

At 64 feet length overall, the Dutch design marries classic styling with modern construction.

Holland’s Breedendam shipyard has sold and started construction on Hull No. 1 of its 64-foot MTB Sixzero design.

The yard’s history dates to 1976. It developed the first MTB design in the 1990s, with retro lines inspired by Motor Torpedo Boats (think PT boats) from World War II. MTBs are now available in various sizes and styles that include convertible, wheelhouse and flybridge. Designer Guido de Groot drew the MTB Fourzero and Sixzero.

“I had my own ideas about how a Breedendam should look,” he stated in a press release. “I wanted to make it into a really unique yacht in the market, which was something that could stand out on its own, but which was simultaneously always recognizable as a Breedendam boat.”

The MTB Sixzero has an amidships master stateroom and a VIP forward, with a third stateroom in between. Quarters for two crew are abaft the master, next to the engine room.

The Life Boats: Breedendam also has been building classic lifeboat designs as stylish pleasure cruisers since 1982.

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