Ownership of Heesen Yachts is transferred to an independent Dutch Foundation

Heesen Yachts stated that the company’s ownership has changed hands and is now 100 percent Dutch. The company’s shares have been transferred to an independent Dutch Foundation from the group’s top Dutch holding company.

Arthur Brouwer and Anjo Joldersma are on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Its goal is to “ensure the shipyard’s long-term success as well as the continued employment of Heesen Yachts’ highly qualified staff.”

The news comes after Heesen Yachts’ Ultimate Beneficial Owner was added to the United Kingdom’s sanctions list following an update on April 13, 2022.

Heesen Yachts is financially sound and successful, according to the statement, and employment at both its Oss and Winterswijk factories is secure. The order book at Heesen Yachts is full, and the company’s staff will continue to work on the 13 projects now under construction.

The sales team at Heesen will continue to work with new clients for new projects, as usual.