Launch of the sixth 50m S501 model by Tankoa

At Tankoa’s Genoa factory, the fifth hull in the 50-meter all-aluminum S501 series has sailed into the water.

The unidentified project was launched on the assumption that it would succeed and was later sold to a European owner in September 2021, with delivery set for early the following year.

On October 22, a special ceremony saw the boat dropped into the ocean after being rolled out of the building shed. The hull has now joined Kinda and Olokun, two sisterships, in the sea.

The fifth hull, known as S501, was created by longtime Tankoa partner Francesco Paszkowski in conjunction with interior designer Giorgio Cassetta. The series had previously featured Francesco Paszkowski on both the inside and outside, therefore this represents a shift.

The design team made a number of modifications to the vessel to suit her young European owner, including an extended sundeck, two guest rooms on the main deck, and larger windows.

A swimming pool with built-in speakers and cutting-edge television displays fitted throughout the fifth hull demonstrate the greater emphasis on audio-visual enjoyment that is present there.

She is anticipated to attain high speeds of about 18 knots when propelled by conventional diesel engines.

For Giorgio Cassetta, whose company has only so far worked on a few boat interiors, her interior design represents a new endeavor. The 31-meter Vivace, which will be on show at the next Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, has one of its most modern interior designs.