Bhushan Powar unveils a 110-meter design with a massive “glass eye”

Bhushan Powar Design, based in India, has presented images of the Zion, a 110-meter superyacht idea with a big “glass eye” at the bow.

The feature serves as a viewing gallery for guests, providing 360-degree views of the ocean while appearing to be a gigantic sea creature from the outside.

“The yacht takes influence from a ‘Black Hole,'” designer Bhushan Powar remarked of Zion’s otherworldly appearance. Its sophisticated elegance should draw people’s attention.”

While the glass viewing gallery is Zion’s biggest visual feature, the inside is packed with conveniences. On the main deck, there is an owner’s suite with electrically operated sky lounge balconies on both sides. The glass bottom of the infinity swimming pool on the concept’s aft deck illuminates the open dining room on her main deck.

Zion’s lower deck also houses a large garage with a variety of tenders, Jet Skis, and other water toys. The bottom deck features a dedicated gym and open garden space, with foldout terraces on either side transforming the room into a sunbathing lounge.

A glass elevator connects all of Zion’s floors, including the vast helideck at the stern, and an abundance of flora reflects the designer’s philosophy: “nature is the guiding concept for all our designs,” stated Powar. “We’re always looking for a way to define ourselves within it.”

Luxury staterooms accommodate a total of 20 passengers and nearly 20 crew members.