Agreement between Marina d’Arechi and P&O Marinas Dubai

For summer 2022, the marina on the Amalfi Coast will increase both its infrastructure and service offerings while also increasing its relationship with the UAE.

A new superyacht service company has opened in Marina d’Arechi, a port community near Salerno, as part of a string of improvements on the Amalfi Coast. In addition, a new helicopter pad and facility will be built, and a partnership deal with P&O Marinas Dubai will be announced.


Based in Monaco, the new service provider MDA Yachting & Lifestyle seeks to assist visiting ships, their crews, and visitors during their stay in the area and beyond. Observations from general manager Anna Cannavacciuolo:

“The objective is to provide skilled, individualized help that complies with the highest international standards to captains, owners, yacht and charter managers, agencies, and service firms by getting even closer to them. We can accommodate any boat at any time of the year and in every weather thanks to a green, contemporary, and inventive infrastructure. We have 50 ports for ships exceeding 30 meters. 30 of them are for boats that are 50 to 100 meters long. Our outfitted shipyard area enables boat maintenance even throughout the winter, and our staff offers knowledgeable assistance at moorings around-the-clock.

“Today’s market demands a broad and tailored offer that can satisfy any particular need promptly, confidently, and with an even greater variety of services. With MDA Yachting & Lifestyle, we hope to move in that direction by providing all of our clients’ and guests’ requirements to a single hub “Cannavacciuolo explains.

Marina d’Arechi is the hub of a region that is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean sailing season and is situated on the coast that connects Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and Cilento. Cannavacciuolo continues, “MDA Yachting & Lifestyle strives to take care of the leisure time of captains, crews, and owners inside the marina, which includes lounge bars, restaurants, relaxation zones, green shuttles, and outdoor activities.

The establishment of a helipad for air taxi services from the adjacent airports of Salerno and Naples, as well as a new private area devoted to commercial operations, are among the upcoming developments that are planned. When it opens in July 2022, this helipad will enable helicopters to land and take off right at the marina, offering direct connections to the airports in Naples and Rome as well as the surrounding islands of Capri and Ischia. With the development of this new, upscale infrastructure, “Marina d’Arechi matches the requirements of a highly discerning customer used to getting their boat in the utmost comfort, privacy, and speed,” says Cannavacciuolo.

Additionally, P&O Marinas, the network of marinas in Dubai, and Marina d’Arechi have inked a contract. The Mina Rashid Marina in Dubai, their worldwide base, is the focus of the commercial collaboration. Yachts seeking to cruise from Marina d’Arechi to Mina Rashid Marina and vice versa are guaranteed concessions under this arrangement. Cannavacciuolo says, “This arrangement allows us the chance to work with one of the most well-known players on the global market, which has obviously recognized Marina d’Arechi as a credible and trusted interlocutor.