AcqueraPro is digitizing the superyacht experience

Acquera Yachting has launched a sleek new digital platform that boosts productivity on board…

The superyacht sector is currently battling to keep up with the ever-changing digital world, and the ‘if it ain’t busted, don’t fix it’ mentality just won’t do. On the yachting side of things, there’s a severe shortage of dependable marina booking choices, as well as a lack of convenience in expressing the specifics of a yacht’s numerous wants and requirements. This is why Acquera Yachting wants to break through the boundaries between owners, crew, and shoreside services in order to create a more dynamic and efficient form of communication among the yachting community’s numerous stakeholders.

In its essence, the sector is notoriously insular and secretive, and although this helps to foster an appearance of exclusivity that attracts new clients, it also stifles its progress. Not only does demonstrating the industry’s ability to adapt and adopt digital technologies vastly improve the way yachts function and communicate, but it also aids in attracting the next generation of clients and owners.

AcqueraPro, Acquera Yachting’s new software, was created with the sole objective of making operations onboard easier, whether it’s moving in and out of ports, filling out formal documentation, or keeping track of all the numerous services and charges. The app also has a geo-localized direct chat with local agents, making it easier and more convenient to contact the right individual for each region.

Many players in the sector, both on land and at sea, complain about the lack of data exchange and information. The majority of business is conducted through word of mouth, which, although effective for the time being, is simply not sustainable given the industry’s rapid growth and maturation. Furthermore, whenever old methods fade away, it will be the individuals and enterprises who jumped into the digital arena first who will triumph and flourish over others who thought nothing needed to change.

Digitalization of operational methods will be a positive aspect of the industry’s overall progress, not just for enhancing efficiency but also for the human and environmental benefits it delivers. The countless enterprises and boats that rely on mountains of paperwork to get things done may face problems as ESG standards rise and environmental laws tighten.

For many senior crew members, manual administration has become a time-consuming process. It’s almost as if it’s supplanted the fundamental concept of superyacht ownership and operation. Because of the administrative overload, client management and care are frequently neglected. The existing model already falls far short of the lofty expectations of superyacht owners and guests, who demand the greatest possible level of care at all times. Long wait times, combined with a crew that isn’t paying attention, can make the difference between a good trip and a bad one.

It’s simple to sit in front of a computer and bang the same drum over and over again; digitisation is a no-brainer, and most people don’t need to be persuaded. Over 90% of respondents said they would use their new platform to optimize the major activities required for a cruise/port call, according to a recent Acquera survey. Furthermore, approximately 85% of responders said they would refer the app to other superyacht industry colleagues.

The question isn’t how many people are aware of the advantages of digitizing the sailing experience. Thanks to firms like Acquera Yachting, the technology is already in place, and the myriad benefits that these platforms provide now appear to be apparent solutions rather than enticing promises. Who wants to be a part of a new wave in the operational sector, helping to bring yachting out of the past and into the digital future?

If you are a crewmember interested in signing up for AcqueraPro, you will receive one year of free access in 2023, and if you suggest a captain, they will receive a 30/50 percent discount.

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