AB Yachts’ Speedy Superyacht

AB Boats has specialized in high-performance yachts with water jets since its inception 30 years ago. Because AB Yachts is an Italian shipyard, the focus on speed is accompanied with sleek style. Hull No. 1 of the 100-foot AB 100 series was introduced in 2016 with a 52-knot top-end speed, and the manufacturer continues to develop bigger versions. Other semicustom maxis in this size range existed, but none of them timed on the radar gun as well as this one. The shipyard has subsequently been able to make the boat even quicker because to advancements in engine technology and lightweight construction. The same series is now said to be capable of a top speed of 54 knots.

That wasn’t enough for one customer—or for AB Yachts, for that matter.
They collaborated to construct the AB 100 Superfast, which has a top speed of 59 knots and a cruising speed of 53 knots, according to the yard. As a result, the AB 100 Superfast is not only the builder’s fastest boat, but also faster than most, if not all, other yachts of this size from any shipyard. In fact, the peak speed of the AB 100 Superfast is nearly 25 knots faster than comparable high-profile maxis in the 100- to 110-foot category.

The owner and the shipyard agreed that a request to personalize a semicustom boat should be taken seriously. Clients may customize the external and internal design of their AB Yachts, and the AB 100 Superfast varies from its predecessor in various respects. The ardent cruiser wanted to deepen his intimate relationship with the water. “That was the fundamental purpose that we interpreted in the interest of our owner,” explains Gennaro Candida De Matteo, CEO of Next Yacht Group, AB Yachts’ parent business.

The AB 100 Superfast’s profile, which has more glass than the AB 100, gives the first signal. The glass is practically floor-to-ceiling along the main deck, with glass insets in the lowered bulwarks. The dark color gives the impression that the glass sweeps around the boat without interruption from one side to the other. The little oval openings belowdecks have been replaced with two lengthy lengths of glass to port and starboard.

The AB 100 Superfast features a table and settee aft, much like any other big boat. The structure is simple enough for outdoor dining or a thrilling ride. However, when the owner and his guests are sitting within the open-plan main deck, both the table and the settee’s backrest fall at the touch of a button, ensuring that the owner and his guests enjoy fully unobstructed views. (On a related issue, the owner removed the bulkhead between the helm and the eating room to boost the feeling of volume within.) On the flybridge, there’s a comparable lowering settee backrest.
At the water’s edge, there are two additional cruise-enhancing surprises. The first is that the boat boasts a virtually full-beam couch against the transom, giving you a front-row seat to all of the swimming and water-toy activity. Think of it as a year-round open-air beach club. The second surprise is the manner in which the toys are released.

The owner and his guests may retreat belowdecks, where there are rooms for eight people, when they desire peace and quiet. Two twins, a VIP, and a full-beam master suite were chosen by this owner. Even though its 22-foot-3-inch beam is equivalent to those of somewhat bigger maxis from other manufacturers, the AB 100 Superfast doesn’t seem or feel cramped below. A port inside the picture window of the owner’s cabin opens, adding to his comfort.

Despite the owner’s focus on his personal pleasure, AB Yachts did not forget the practical necessities of the four-person crew. Stairs at the inner helm, for example, lead right down to the Corian-equipped kitchen and crew mess, which the owner designed with the shipyard to achieve an automotive-style aesthetic in carbon fiber and leather. This is also where you’ll find the washing room. Meanwhile, under the similarly large sun lounger on the foredeck recreational area, there is plenty of storage.

The majority of people who see the AB 100 Superfast slashing over the horizon will undoubtedly think it’s a big yacht. Yes, it is an unapologetically fast yacht—and one of the world’s fastest superyachts. The AB 100 Superfast, however, displays a distinct, unique concept, from the American walnut soles and furnishings to the view-enhancing elements and re-imagined use of space.

It just so happens to be capable of approaching 60 knots.

Punches of Strength

The AB 100 Superfast’s performance is fueled by three 2,600 horsepower MAN engines with water jets. The AB 100, on the other hand, featured three 1,900 horsepower MAN engines with water jets. The shipyard uses Kevlar and carbon-fiber construction to keep the weight down on all of its models.

A Success Story in America

While AB Yachts’ American clientele are drawn to speed in the same way that their European counterparts are, the AB 100 series’ 4-foot-3-inch draft has resulted to higher sales in the United States. Clients that sail between South Florida and the Bahamas on a regular basis want shallow-water access.

The Next Step for the Next Yacht Group

AB Yachts is owned by GB Investment Holdings, a corporation with interests in artificial intelligence and luxury real estate. To highlight a future orientation, it dubbed its yachting section Next Yacht Group. It intends to use artificial intelligence (AI) and resort expertise to enhance yachting and customer experiences.