39m My Saga yacht sinks off the coast in Italy

The 39.4-meter motor yacht My Saga reportedly went down today at around 13:00 in the Gulf of Squillace, around 9 nautical miles off the shore of Catanzaro Marina, according to the Italian press.

YouTube video

Under the name Yuko, My Saga was produced in Italy in 2007 by Monaco Yachting & Technologies. The Cayman Islands-flagged steel-hulled superyacht was traveling from Gallipoli to Milazzo with an all-Italian crew that was rescued from the vessel.

My Saga’s issues began last night when the Crotone Port Authority learned that the yacht was experiencing water infiltration in the stern. The first people were rescued from the yacht by the patrol boats CP321 from Crotone and a Romanian patrol boat that is working for Frontex.

As shown on the video, as the weather got worse, the superyacht was already partially submerged and listing hard to starboard when a tugboat from Crotone arrived on the scene at dawn and began towing the vessel towards Crotone.

My Saga eventually sank because it was absorbing so much water. The cause of the yacht’s sinking will be the focus of an investigation.

The image at top depicts My Saga in Monaco not long after she was born using the name Yuko.