27 years of Hydro Tec: an impressive past, a fruitful present, and a promising future

One of the few businesses in the yachting industry to offer a whole design package for their clients, Hydro Tec celebrates its 27th year in business this year.

They are well known for more than just their A-Z solutions, though. In addition to their professionalism, Hydro Tec is a business with an impressive past, a fruitful present, and a promising future.

History and achievements

When Hydro Tec first began operating in the early 2000s, it was an engineering firm. They moved toward design gradually but steadily, finding enormous success and admiration from their colleagues along the way.

Hydro Tec has worked on a wide variety of yachts encompassing practically every type, every size, and every material during their 27 years of experience with all-around design services, putting the same dedication, knowledge, and competence into every single project.

Hydro Tec initially focused solely on the technological aspects of projects like the M/Y Genesis, Quantum of Solace, and Talisman C. The company’s turning point came in 2008 when they published the design of the NAumachos 82′ M/Y Bodry, their first explorer.

Following that, a meeting with the Palumbo group was held, and the Columbus Classic M/Y Prima, the first yacht not associated with an explorer yacht, was launched.

With the exterior and naval architecture contracts for the Columbus Classic 80 M/Y Dragon, which was constructed in a record-breaking 27 months, Hydro Tec broke new ground in the megayacht industry.

Recently, Hydro Tec has been working with one of the most renowned designers of all time, Espen Oeino, on the external design of another 80-meter vessel that will be constructed at Isa Yachts.

At the World Superyacht Awards this year, Hydro Tec received three nominations and one trophy. The committee decided to recognize Hydro Tec’s innovative new series, created and engineered by Hydro Tec, by awarding the RSY38m EXP, Emocean in the lovely setting of London’s Guidhall.

The 38-meter M/Y Emocean, an explorer yacht built to the high standards of Rosetti Superyachts, was named the winner of the 2022 World Superyacht Awards. Its naval architecture and exterior design were done entirely by Sergio Cutolo at HYDROTEC, and its interiors were designed by Francesca Burdisso and Emiliano Capponi.

This boat was not only admired for the good looks of an explorer, but also for the range of 5,000 nautical miles, and its considerable autonomy.

The Hydro Tec way

The ability of a shipyard to work with a single interlocutor who handles both the technical and design aspects and is skilled in resolving the myriad issues connected to these aspects provides for a significant reduction in timing. Private clients, shipyards, and other professionals, especially designers, benefit greatly from this varied approach.

By mastering the technical side, Hydro Tec also comes up with solutions that adhere to rules while better addressing the requirements of varied designers. Even if their contributions to the project remain secret, they will still be impactful to the end result.

Hydro Tec can create a new yacht from scratch, find solutions for any problems, and first and foremost give its experience to create not only the ideal yacht in terms of aesthetics but also the ideal fusion of practical and aesthetic features.

The designer views the boat through the engineer’s eyes, and the engineer views the boat through the designer’s eyes. The artistic and technical aspects are interwoven in Hydro Tec’s studio, and this dialectic has been established in such a way that the project can develop as a whole, a single unit of thinking.

This is their integrated approach: every technical aspect is intended to be aesthetically pleasing and every aesthetic detail is considered to be technically efficient.

Obstacles encountered over time and how they were resolved

The yacht industry has always been known for its conservative outlook, so being an innovative company in both the design and engineering fields led to some mistrust on Hydro Tec’s part.

For example, in a world accustomed to speedy and attractive yachts, it wasn’t simple to introduce the explorer concept, which has tough and squat-shaped vessels. The utility of these boats and the opportunity to experience the water in close proximity and in a more environmentally friendly way won people over before the visual component did.

Today, the idea of an explorer is widely accepted, signifying a trend that is not only affirmed but also growing steadily, and Hydro Tec can proudly claim some of the credit.

The mark Hydro Tec will leave on the yachting sector

By creating the first hybrid boat with Rina class notation and presenting the idea of exploration yachts in small and medium sizes, Hydro Tec was able to foresee the future thanks to its unique motor.

Now, their intention is to continue Hydro Tec with the new generations so that it can continue to be a leader in both design and engineering.

Sergio Cutolo, Founder and Hydro Tec’s soul and mind said for Yacht Magazine:

‘The road that I have travelled together with Hydro Tec in these twenty-five years has been long and full of encounters.

My initial idea was to focus Hydro Tec’s proposal on aspects related to naval architecture to capitalise on the experience accumulated in the sector of fast pleasure yachts or boats intended for passenger transport.

Hydro Tec is the result of the different experiences that the people who work in it have had: engineers, architects and designers make the studio a place where naval architecture and design make our work virtuous and creative. Necessary features that allow us to adapt to the needs expressed by the client, making the best choices in terms of materials,
construction techniques and style, leaving the interior designer as wide a space to manoeuvre as possible.

In our work, the desire to create, passion and experience count, yachting is still a small world in which the desire to create and passion are the engines of the profession.’