23-meter vintage boat Bougie catches fire in New Orleans.

A shipyard fire in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, completely destroyed the 23.4-meter classic yacht Bougie. She was one of five yachts that were involved in a horrific fire that broke out in SeaBrook Harbor over the weekend.

Local reports state that on Sunday, November 13, just before 6 a.m. local time, the fire brigade was called to the location to put out the fire. The office building, which was also destroyed, was assumed to be the fire’s starting point while it was situated inside the yard.

According to local police, three boats on the hardstand and two boats in the water were “completely consumed in flames.” Two other nearby vessels also had minor damage.

A total of 55 firemen worked throughout the morning to put out the fire, but strong gusts made it difficult to do so. There have been no recorded injuries, and the fire’s origin is still a mystery.

One of the bigger yachts that the fire damaged was named Bougie. She was handed over in 1929 as a specially built commuter ship made of teak and mahogany with a three-cabin design.

The yacht was partially submerged in 2013, and the engine room as well as all the lower areas, were all inundated. After being repaired, she was acquired by new owners, and in late October, she landed in SeaBrook Harbor to start the next phase of a comprehensive restoration.